Episode 39: Jason Pye Says We Can Rebuild Conservatism While Hating Harambe Memes

For part 2 in our Rebuilding Conservatism series, Jason Pye (Director of Communication at FreedomWorks) joins us. Jason brings us a vision of rebuilding conservatism from a policy perspective that focuses on amplifying and supporting conservative voices within Congress.

Matthias: I feel like Danielle Morrill’s piece on work life balance comes from a place of extreme privilege and can be a toxic attitude for many people.

Jason: I’m tired of the Harambe nonsense and also I love Nihilist Arby’s.

Jordan: I love Kim Kardashian and I think she uses the free market to her advantage.

Zach Noble: They’ve found that using robot babies in sex ed courses DOESN’T disuade girls from having babies and that’s great. We should have more kids.

We then talk about Jason’s work with Freedom Works and the House Freedom Caucus and how to connect with the core conservative movement that is influencing policy within Congress.

For predictions…

Matthias: bots (automated comment generators) will play an increasing role in the dark part of campaigns

Jason: The Georgia Bulldogs will go 9-3 and will beat Georgia Tech in the last game of the season.

Zach: The Magnificent 7 remake will be great.

Jordan: Nothing at the 2016 Video Music Awards will be weirder than the 2016 presidential campaign.

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