Monthly Archive: August 2016

Godliness with Contentment Is Hard to Find in 2016

I’ve struggled more in this year to maintain contentment, joy and trust in God than I did when my entire life was up in the air. And I think it’s because I’ve fallen into the trap of putting my trust in earthly security and things that won’t ultimately make me happy.

2016 RedState Gathering: Let’s (Not) Talk Politics

The 2016 RedState Gathering was a time for conservatives to come together and remember what unites them in such a divisive year. We took the opportunity to ask some conservative friends to forget about politics for a minute to answer two very important questions: What are you drinking and what are you reading? 

No, the Catholic Church Isn’t About to Ordain Priestesses

In light of Pope Francis’ recent announcement of a commission to study whether the Catholic Church might start appointing female deacons — and someday female priests? — Paradox’s Jordan Ecarma and Zach Noble decided to have a chat about women in the clergy.

I Will Never Vote For Trump

I think we’re all hitting this point. We’re all looking at the failures, the pain, the injustice around us and we are all asking “what is government good for”?