Monthly Archive: May 2016

Katie Couric Lied So You Could Feel Good about Your Opinion

First of all, let’s get the denunciations out of the way. Couric lied, pure and simple. This manipulative editing is amateurish, absurd, cruel, dishonest and vicious. This is what a 15-year-old film student does when he wants to appear clever but is actually quite dull. There is no possible excuse for this kind of behavior in the realms of journalism or documentary filmmaking.

But let’s not lay the blame fully on Couric.

Whatever Happened to the Screwball Comedy?

In the wild world of the screwball comedy, exotic cats can bring unlikely couples together, dunking a doughnut can be a romantic experience and grooms can be swapped out right before the trip down the aisle as needed. 

Would Donald Trump Be a Good Commander in Chief? Lol No.

Trump is, really, no better than Hillary Clinton.

Maybe he’s worse, but as usual with Trump, the biggest part of the danger is that he’s completely inconsistent so it’s hard to pin down where he stands or what he’d do.

Here’s what we do know.

The GOP Won the Spending War While No One Was Looking

In an election season defined by frustration with the government and elected officials, one of the most frequent questions I hear in opposition to Republican governance is this:

“We elected these Republicans into office, gave them both Congress and the Senate. And what have they done for us?”

Bathrooms Aren’t My First Worry with the Transgender Movement. Children Are.

Letting a little boy wear a dress or taking a little girl to get the short haircut she demands has no long-term physical effect. Parents have the right (and the responsibility) to decide what’s best for their children. But the dangerous new trend is encouraging parents with gender-confused kids to take their children for hormone therapy treatments that prevent their young bodies from developing properly. In this looking-glass world, stunted growth is seen as a good thing and eventual sterilization is often the goal.