Paradox Podcast Episode 29: Trumpy McTrumpface, Methodists and Minivans

Matthias, Jordan and Zach are back for more horrible opinions and predictions and generally trying to figure out the crazy world we live in.

Terrible Opinions:

Matthias – Minivans are awesome, substantially better than SUVs.

Jordan – Uber and Lyft are incredibly overrated.

Zach – We need a system where you could either get basic income or you could vote.

General Election Stuff

The Paradox team talks about the latest Trump weirdness. This week that happens to be the “Trump faked being his own publicist” scandal. We discuss Scott Adams, hypnosis and the nature of tribal allegiance in politics.

Methodists and Culture

Zach believes Methodists will shift very culturally liberal; the team talks about the religion and denominational differences.


Jordan – I don’t think the grassroots conservative infrastructure will come around to supporting Trump.

Zach – Methodists will completely accept homosexuality, including gay marriage within the Methodist church.

Matthias – We’ll see a recession within 12 to 18 months.

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