Take the Quiz: Is the Sexist Quote from a ‘Mad Men’ Executive or Donald Trump?


The presumptive GOP presidential nominee has a thoroughly documented history of sexist—and frequently bizarre—comments about women. Whether he’s talking about his own daughter’s “hot” body, mocking Carly Fiorina’s face (“Would anyone vote for that?”) or rating women on a 10-point scale with Howard Stern, Trump has been denigrating women for a lifetime.

“A person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10,” he said in one appearance on “The Howard Stern Show.”

“Nice tits, no brains,” Trump reportedly described ex-wife Marla Maples.

Trump’s ideas about women are straight out of the 1950s—they better be hot and they better stay in their place.

“Often, I will tell friends whose wives are constantly nagging them about this or that that they’re better off leaving and cutting their losses,” he wrote in The Art of the Comeback. “For a man to be successful he needs support at home, just like my father had from my mother, not someone who is always griping and bitching.” 

How well do you know your sexist Trump quotes? Take the quiz and see if you know your Don Draper from your John Barron

 Jordan Ecarma is a former journalist now living the millennial dream: getting paid for writing Facebook statuses (that is, digital PR). She watches her use of the f-word (“feminism”) around conservatives and the c-word (“conservatism”) around feminists. Find her under @JordanEcarma.

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