Paradox Podcast Episode 28: Voting on Conscience, Kids and Culture

Join Matthias, Jordan and Zach as we tackle Mother’s Day and the destroyed scraps of the Republican party.

Terrible Opinions

Zach: You shouldn’t buy cards. I get a ton of free cards and you should repackage them to fit the occasion.

Matthias: We need to stop making a big deal out of accomplished kids because the pressure to be “successful” before they even get to college is damaging to childhood & damaging to all sorts of experiences that can be used for college applications.

Jordan: We’re not supposed to care about identity politics, but I’m excited that a woman is a presidential candidate for the first time (and that we’ll probably have the first female president)

2016 Voting Strategies – 24:00

Matthias declares that he’s voting for Bernie Sanders in the Most Meaningless Primary of All Time (the Washington primary). The team then discusses voting strategies that maximizes the #NeverTrump strategy and when it would makes sense to vote for a third-party candidate or Hillary Clinton.

Kids and Culture – 37:00

How do we raise kids in a culture in which kids are expected to engage in movies, media, and content that is reprehensible? Zach struggles over how to engage cultural landmarks like “Game of Thrones” while raising a child. Matthias reveals his strategy for easing his kids into an R-rated world.

Predictions – 52:00

Jordan – Ben Sasse will not run as a third-party candidate and we need to save him for an election that isn’t a disaster.

Zach – Trump carries fewer than half of the formerly Confederate states.

Matthias – We’re looking at a lower turnout election than 2012 because people vote when they care about something and no one cares about anything this election.

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