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3 Guys You Should Avoid at CPAC This Weekend

When I told a friend I would be at CPAC this year, she had one vital piece of advice for me: “Be prepared to be hit on by creepy conservative men.” 

(Disclaimer: Of course, men who seem to exist to make women uncomfortable at parties come in all political stripes. Let’s not discriminate against creepy liberal men.)

Trade secret for you: Women are experts at carrying on conversation with men for the sake of social politeness when they would really rather not. (It goes like this: Smile, nod, with a silent PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE underneath it all.) Once you reach a certain point in life and career, there’s an eerie sameness about social gatherings and networking events when it comes to the people (read: unchill dudes) you meet. I’ve documented a few examples and outlined a game plan for each with the aim of helping you navigating your next event.