Paradox Podcast Episode 22: On the Nature of Trump-ism (with Guest Sarah Rumpf)

On this week’s podcast, Matthias, Zach and Jordan are joined by Sarah Rumpf, Floridian, political consultant, owner of an awesome Twitter handle and writer for IJReview, Legal Insurrection and many other places. She shares her insights on the upcoming Florida primary as well as media coverage for this horrifying 2016 election. We have our usual Terrible Opinions and Predictions along with discussion of potential GOP Doom! and why we’re all probably RINOs at the end of the day.

Terrible Opinions

Matthias: I’m wondering if I should put reaching out to minority communities on behalf of the GOP on the back burner for now and focus on people who are supporting Trump (at least those who can be reached).

Zach: We should have fewer movies that are in English because it’s not realistic. People should speak their own languages in movies and we can deal with subtitles just fine.

Jordan: I’m surprised this is a terrible opinion but I keep seeing people who really think Romney’s anti-Trump speech influenced more people to support Trump. Everyday voters who are supporting Trump because they think he will help the economy don’t care about in-the-weeds political stuff.

Sarah: The terms “RINO” and “establishement” need to be shot and burned. Some grassroots anger is fair, but anyone with political experience gets labeled. I’ve been told I’m “establishment” even though I left a career where I made more money because I was passionate about conservatism. If I’m selling out, I’ve done it backwards.

How doomed are we?

Sarah gives us hope when it comes to the Florida primary, pointing out that it’s a closed primary election and noting that internal polls have shown it to be a close race. She also reminds us that Trump has overperformed in polling in multiple states, while Rubio has underperformed in polls in states where he did very well.


We talk about Michelle Fields and Breitbart’s constant water-carrying for Trump and wonder along with the rest of the conservative world if Breitbart is getting paid off. Sarah says (with a detailed disclaimer that she’s working only off public information) that she hopes they’re getting paid because either way, they’re doing dirty work for Trump. “Do you want to be a whore or a slut?”


Matthias: The second season of “Daredevil” will be even more violent.

Zach: Rubio won’t run for the Senate this term (Sarah confirms this).

Jordan: Kasich will be worth his salt (finally) and pull off winning Ohio.

Sarah: Rubio will win Florida. And the “Superman vs. Batman” movie will be terrible.

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