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No, the Catholic Church Isn’t About to Ordain Priestesses

In light of Pope Francis’ recent announcement of a commission to study whether the Catholic Church might start appointing female deacons — and someday female priests? — Paradox’s Jordan Ecarma and Zach Noble decided to have a chat about women in the clergy.

Why Deserting the Culture War Is a(n) (Understandable) Mistake

As much of our culture turns away from Christianity, the beliefs our faith espouses make their way into the mainstream press less and less. Many media sources, already vehicles of various biases we find unpalatable, make us angry when they misrepresent Catholicism or advocate immorality or scoff at our values. So we boycott. Stay inside our social media echo chambers. Read about how bad the other side is in our preferred news sources without actually reading what the opposition is writing.

It’s not an irrational response — frankly, it’s an understandable response. But it isn’t the best one.