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Godliness with Contentment Is Hard to Find in 2016

I’ve struggled more in this year to maintain contentment, joy and trust in God than I did when my entire life was up in the air. And I think it’s because I’ve fallen into the trap of putting my trust in earthly security and things that won’t ultimately make me happy.

Living in Light of That Heavenly Country

I’m realizing I need to worry a little less about the difference I’m making in the world.

Let me take a step back and explain what I mean with that conclusion. Like anyone else’s, my Christian life goes through cycles and seasons as God leads me down new paths or reteaches me old lessons. Last year, He taught me that surrendering my own plans meant being taken in glorious new directions. “Content to fill a little space,” I am happily doing work for the kingdom. 

But lately, I’ve been reminded that the most important thing is not the difference I make in this world, but the marks it leaves on me … how my life experiences shape my eternal soul.