Paradox Podcast Episode 33: Comic Books, Press Freedom and Responsibility (with guest Becket Adams)

Matthias, Jordan and Zach welcome back guest Becket Adams for Unpopular Opinions, Predictions and plenty of discussion about the topic of the hour: free speech.

We call out journalists who defend Gawker’s invasion of privacy as supposed “freedom of the press” but ignore clear First Amendment violations by the IRS. The free speech discussion continues with a debate over Donald Trump’s decision to block a BuzzFeed reporter’s access to a press conference. Becket notes that Trump is setting up a pay-to-play system if the reporter was blocked because BuzzFeed decided not to run any GOP ads this election.

While we mention Orlando, we refrain from any hot takes. We wrap up with predictions, some frivolous (Zach predicts a soccer game’s outcome and Jordan talks about the “Ghostbusters” reboot) and one grim (Becket predicts that terror attacks will boost Trump in the election).

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