What’s Wrong with Education and Why You Can Skip High School (w/ Sonya Mann): Paradox Podcast Episode 78

Tech reporter Sonya Mann joins us this week to talk about why “Smart Kids Should Skip High School” and what cryptocurrency and AI mean for society.

Who needs high school? No … really. Is it necessary?

Do high school students learn anything that they end up using in a real-world job? Sonya makes the case for either ditching high school or seriously revamping the broken system, which is currently a “stultifying waste of time.” Standardized testing isn’t about learning for the future; it’s about getting credentials in the short term. How do you teach high schoolers to have a vision for the future that doesn’t keep them stuck in the standardized test mindset?

Cryptocurrency vs. artificial intelligence

Billionaire and controversial Silicon Valley figure Peter Thiel recently said, “Crypto is libertarian, AI is communist.” Sonya explains what he meant by that and what we should look for as these two burgeoning technologies disrupt our lives.

Terrible Opinions

Sonya: I like Starbucks coffee.

Jordan: Authors should be banned from Twitter.

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