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The Homeless Conservative

By MATT SHAPIRO Last week, I flew from Seattle to Washington, D.C., to teach a workshop on data visualization. I have done this a few times, back in 2015 in what now seems like...

I Will Never Vote for Trump

I will never vote for Donald Trump, not in any scenario, not if he picks someone I respect and admire as VP, not if he swears on a stack of Bibles that he’ll do the right thing by the Supreme Court and stop undermining the pro-life cause and be the conservative he’s never once been before if we somehow make him president.

Donald Trump Is a Middle School Bully and He Wants Your Lunch Money

You, an American voter, are being conned.

Donald Trump has promised you jobs, a booming economy, security and American pride. He is lying to you. Trump has told you that he can stick it to the man, but the problem is that Trump is the man, someone who built an empire by taking his daddy’s money and then sticking it to the little guy.

Trump does not fight for you. Trump fights for Trump. Anything that gets damaged along the way—including you—doesn’t matter. Take a moment to google “Trump takes insurance from child” or “Trump kicks veterans off Fifth Avenue.” You’ll see it in about 2 seconds.

Supporting Trump Means Losing Far More Than This Election

We face an election in a time when politics threaten more than ever before to intrude on everyday, ordinary life … a time when Christian business owners sometimes risk losing their livelihoods, men are being given the right to walk freely into women’s bathrooms, and the lives (and body parts) of countless unborn children are on the line. 

And at such a crucial moment, are people so angry at the government and the Republican Party that they would run the risk of putting a maniac behind the wheel?