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The Homeless Conservative

By MATT SHAPIRO Last week, I flew from Seattle to Washington, D.C., to teach a workshop on data visualization. I have done this a few times, back in 2015 in what now seems like...

Stop Pretending Hillary Isn’t Terrible

I’m willing to buy this, but only if he curses out Hillary for being such a terrible person By MATT SHAPIRO I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian so I’m pretty used to...

Et Tu, Ryan and Rubio?

Whether or not Rubio’s decision to support Trump is idealism or political opportunism is between him and his conscience. While I understand their reasoning and know that Ryan is an especially difficult position, it breaks my heart to see both Rubio and Ryan choose party over principle. I would have loved to see two politicians I admire hold the line.

The GOP Won the Spending War While No One Was Looking

In an election season defined by frustration with the government and elected officials, one of the most frequent questions I hear in opposition to Republican governance is this:

“We elected these Republicans into office, gave them both Congress and the Senate. And what have they done for us?”

Listen to the People Who Are Voting for Trump

My mom explained it best, as moms usually do.

“People are worried about basic needs,” she told me. “You can’t worry about anything else if you’re worried about having a job, food, transportation and a home.”

People back home in our rural town boycotted a particular clothing brand that sent its plant to Mexico, leaving workers without jobs. By the numbers, the U.S. economy seems to be at near full employment, but that’s only because enough people have given up looking for jobs to shrink the labor force. President Obama has lied to Americans when he’s promised to keep jobs in the country, instead giving millions in taxpayer dollars to foreign companies or U.S. companies that built factories in other countries. Sending jobs to China has cost Americans 3.2 million jobs in the past 15 years.