Liberals Hate When Caitlyn Jenner Has Opinions


The trouble likely started when Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer in April’s ABC special and came out as a Republican.

When Bruce became Caitlyn over the summer, liberal media and LGBT activists (that’s redundant, isn’t it?) swooned over the Vanity Fair interview with its pinup cover and glamour shots by Annie Leibovitz. But the bloom was off the rose pretty quickly—almost ever since then, Jenner seems to have been on the bad side of the press and the LGBT community.

Here’s everything Jenner would have to do to remain in good standing with the thought police.

Stop being able to take a joke

Jenner dares to have a thick skin, telling Matt Lauer in an interview that the Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume was not offensive.

“I’m in on the joke. I don’t think it’s offensive at all,” Jenner said. “I know the [trans] community does, and [the company has] gotten a lot of criticism for doing it. I think it’s great.” 

In a piece headlined “Caitlyn Jenner vs. the Community,” Slate’s J. Bryan Lowder wrote that “welcome is wearing thin” because of “confusion” at Jenner’s differences from other LGBT advocates.

Because conformity is where it’s at.

Be overwhelmingly excited about gay marriage—or else

Jenner expressed hesitation to embrace gay marriage in a recent interview on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”—something Ellen and Howard Stern later decried as “crazy.”

Here’s the Jenner quote Ellen described as “judgment,” via the Washington Post:

“At first, I was not for it. I thought, ‘I’m a traditionalist.’ I kind of liked tradition, and it’s always been a man and a woman. And I’m thinking, ‘I don’t quite get it.’ But as time has gone on, I think like a lot of people on this issue have really changed their thinking here. I don’t want to stand in front of anybody’s happiness. That’s not my job. If that word ‘marriage’ is really, really that important to you, I can go with it.”

In response, Slate’s Lowder wrote that “DeGeneres (no doubt voicing the thoughts of most queer viewers) expressed confusion at how Jenner, who for the last few months has been engaged in an intense campaign for public acceptance of her trans identity, could be so hesitant regarding the romantic dignity of gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals.”

A unique and nuanced opinion? The horror.

As noted by Mediaite, Stern almost grew mocking in his response, saying, “It’s crazy. Here’s a person on TV crying, ‘I want to be myself, I want to be genuine, I don’t want people to ridicule me’ and then says in the same breath, ‘Gee, gay marriage, I don’t get it.’ It’s remarkable!”

Defend everyone’s basic human right to government welfare

The liberal media first started hitting Jenner post-transition for not having the correct opinion on welfare, as seen on an episode of “I Am Cait”:

Via the Huffington Post:

While the group discusses homeless and unemployed transgender people, Jenner says, “Don’t, a lot of times, they can make more not working with social programs than they actually can with an entry-level job?”

“I’d say the great majority of people who are getting help are getting help because they need help,” a friend answers.

“But you don’t want people to get totally dependent on it. That’s when they get in trouble. ‘Why should I work? I got a few bucks, I got my room paid for,'” Jenner responds, while the rest of the group appears visibly uncomfortable.

“Now I’m worried,” LGBT activist Jenny Boylan later tells the camera.

“Caitlyn has every right to be just as conservative as she choses, but many transgender men and women need social programs to survive, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Boylan says. “Living in the bubble is an impediment to understanding other people. Cait’s going to be a spokesperson for the community. This is something she’s going to have to understand.”

Scold anyone who doesn’t use the exact right words

Also in the recent Lauer interview, Jenner was way too understanding when the TV journalist worried about saying something offensive.

“To be honest with you I’m the easiest on people,” Jenner said. “Now, ‘the community’—you know, GLAAD, all the people in the community—are like ‘Oh my god, you have to get the pronouns right; you have to do this, you have to do that.’ I’m much more tolerant than that. I mean, I understand that it’s difficult for people to understand this.”

Stop living the American dream

Jenner doesn’t apologize for having money or couch every remark with “well, I’m privileged.” And liberals hate it.

“I’ve worked very hard in my life, I have no excuses about my life and what I’ve done with my life,” Jenner told Lauer. “Yes, I’ve worked hard and been able to put a few bucks away. Good for me, that’s the American dream. OK?”

That’s the kind of remark that gets Slate to up the ante to this headline: “Caitlyn Jenner Deserves Our Criticism.”

How unfortunate for liberals that their poster trans individual happened to be a self-avowed Republican who is “more on the conservative side” and believes “in the Constitution.” 

Their message to Jenner is clear: You’ll serve as a much better progressive icon if you keep your mouth shut. 

Jordan Ecarma is a former journalist now living the millennial dream: getting paid for writing Facebook statuses (that is, digital PR). She watches her use of the f-word (“feminism”) around conservatives and the c-word (“conservatism”) around feminists. Find her under @JordanEcarma.

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