Paradox Podcast Episode 6: 23AndMe Is Much More Exciting Than the Jeb! Campaign

Unpopular Opinions

Matthias – Everyone should stop jumping to conclusions on Common Core (both the pro and the con sides)

Zach – Life would be better if we all lived on farms.

Jordan – Conservatives should back off Bradley Cooper for backing up Jennifer Lawrence about unequal pay in Hollywood.


23AndMe Gets FDA Approved

Why the new FDA approved 23AndMe tests are amazing and why it’s a shame that the FDA shut their old (more valuable) genetics health tests down. We talk about what this means for our health, what carrier status is and how that will affect the future of dating and childbearing. Short version: “Gattaca” is totally happening.

Should Jeb! Drop Out?

Printing the exclamation point onto Jeb!’s is the perfect distillation of a campaign that seems to be struggling to inject some kind of excitement into his candidacy. We struggle to identify Jeb!’s internal motivation for running for president.

Yale Students Reject The First Amendment

We talk about a study in which Yale students cannot identify the 1st Amendment and/or think that the 1st Amendment doesn’t protect “hate speech.” Jordan notes that these anti-1st Amendment positions are being used to silence women in particular.

Caitlyn Jenner is Glamour’s Woman of the Year

Jordan (who is a woman) expresses her frustration that women can’t talk about the physical realities of being women without triggering accusations of “transphobia” and wonders how many women are quietly upset that they can’t express their opinion that transsexual women are distinct from biological women.


In our predictions this week…

Zach – Jeb! Bush drops out of the race pretty soon (in the next few weeks).

Jordan – Claims victory for predicting Joe Biden will not run. Rand Paul will be the next person to drop out of the GOP presidential race.

Matthias –  I will be unable to manage the technical complexities of recording a live podcast from DC next week.

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