Paradox Podcast Episode 48: Gilmore Girls Special (with Guest Kate Bryan)

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The Paradox team discusses a very important cultural event: the Netflix revival of “Gilmore Girls” (warning: MAJOR spoilers for “A Year in the Life”). D.C. writer and communications star Kate Bryan joined Jordan and Matthias to talk about what we loved, what we hated, and why two of the show’s big storylines were redemptive and satisfying and one was definitely not (ahem, Rory). 

Why “Gilmore Girls” and what the heck is up with Rory? 

Jordan explains why we wanted to devote a podcast episode to “Gilmore Girls.” Kate starts off our analysis with her theory that a certain Gilmore girl is a hot mess in “A Year in the Life” because creator Amy Sherman-Palladino originally envisioned this story for a 22-year-old Rory. 

Are men important in Gilmore world? (Spoiler: Yes)

We contrast how male and female characters are depicted on the show. We talk some about the feminism of “Gilmore Girls” and Lorelai’s powerful storyline as a single mom building her own life to make things better for her daughter. While the show is female-focused, men are important characters as well, so we take a look at individual male characters and analyze important connections like Rory’s relationship with her father and Lorelai’s relationship with Luke.

“My ancestors came over on the Mayflower.” 

Matthias kicks off a discussion of class tension on “Gilmore Girls” with an interesting point from @AllahPundit, who recently tweeted that the show is a battle between Lorelai and Emily over which class Rory should be part of. 


We wrap up with predictions about whether or not Netflix will continue with another season of “A Year in the Life,” which then morphs into expectations/fears/hopes for what would happen. Matthias predicts that there won’t be another season. Kate hopes that Rory finds success with her book and that the baby is a boy. We try to predict exactly when Rory and Jess will get together. 

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