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The GOP Won the Spending War While No One Was Looking

In an election season defined by frustration with the government and elected officials, one of the most frequent questions I hear in opposition to Republican governance is this:

“We elected these Republicans into office, gave them both Congress and the Senate. And what have they done for us?”

Trump’s China Plan Has Already Been Tried … by President Obama

Donald Trump may have tapped into real problems faced by many Americans, but anyone who has struggled in President Obama’s economy should know better than to vote for him. 

You see, Trump’s big plan to slap tariffs on China in a “good deal” has already been tested out … and it cost Americans more than $1.1 million in added costs while saving just 1,200 jobs. 

Here’s What’s at Stake This Election

No president will be perfect. But in the aftermath of a disastrous liberal administration, it is crucial that we elect a leader who will defend our basic freedoms instead of undermining them, value life at its most vulnerable stage and view America not as something to transform but a precious resource to protect.