Monthly Archive: October 2015

Let’s Have a Baby for Like $150

In the grand tradition of mommy bloggers and early retirement aficionados, my wife and I realized that we, blessed as Americans to be among the richest people who’ve ever lived, are floating in a sea of material excess. 

Is There Any Reasonable ‘Climate Denial’?

Many people think it is as simple as “We do something, the earth cools. We don’t do something, it warms.” A better way to think about it is “We are already on a path, heading in a certain direction with a certain velocity. Our actions may change that direction or speed a little, but it’s hard to say how much impact they will have.”

Justin Bieber Covers Complex, Can’t Stop Talking about God

Christians are missing out if they don’t read his new interview with Complex magazine. Not because Bieber offers the best guidelines for living a Christian life (he says he’s “not religious” and doesn’t seem to think going to church is a necessity), but because he is willing to illustrate through his own “broken” humanity how badly we need God.