Social Gaming, Worship Music and Bad Opinions: Paradox Podcast Episode 64

Tech trend editor and commentator Kyle Foley dropped by this week to talk about worship music, video games and millennials. Is video game culture really stopping this generation from getting jobs?

Terrible Opinions:

Matthias: Worship music has crushed out actual church music. Old hymns set to new tunes are fine, but stop replacing them with wishy-washy emotional songs that have no theology.

Jordan: The “relationship contract” explained in a New York Times column isn’t a bad idea. It’s better to err on the side of over-explaining your relationship than to just wing it and not be on the same page.

Kyle: I hate Chipotle.

How many video games is too many?

Are millennial men really staying home and playing video games instead of getting jobs? Kyle, Jordan and Matthias talk about whether or not they’ve noticed this trend anecdotally and analyze how much video game time is too much. An avid gamer, Kyle mostly likes “social gaming,” video games that you’re playing with friends rather than on your own. Jordan compares video games to Netflix or another entertainment medium – it’s important to find balance and not invest too much of your time into it.

To fire or not to fire …

We wrap up with a debate about whether or not it’s damaging to society for people to be fired for participating in protests and having infuriating and offensive opinions.

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