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Here’s How a GOP Contested Convention Works, As Explained by Mean Girls

What makes 2016 different? Trump is ahead when it comes to delegate numbers. But he still isn’t close to a 1,237 delegate majority, which would mean enough GOP voters supported him for him to represent the party in November. No delegate majority = no nomination. Contested/open/brokered convention, here we come!

So what will a GOP contested convention look like? We thought “Mean Girls” could explain it best.

Support Trump to Ensure My Generation Votes Democrat for the Rest of Their Lives

I never thought we would be arguing about whether or not we should support a potential leader who threatens the free press, praises a communist government for killing protesters and says an entire religious group should be banned from our country. I never thought I would be told to fall in line and support someone who questions the citizenship of non-white Americans, inspires white supremacists to endorse him and issue robo-calls to voters on his behalf, and generally fulfills the cartoonish and terrible stereotype that haunts the Republican party: the angry, belligerent, racist old white man yelling on his lawn at the world.

Trump’s China Plan Has Already Been Tried … by President Obama

Donald Trump may have tapped into real problems faced by many Americans, but anyone who has struggled in President Obama’s economy should know better than to vote for him. 

You see, Trump’s big plan to slap tariffs on China in a “good deal” has already been tested out … and it cost Americans more than $1.1 million in added costs while saving just 1,200 jobs. 

Listen to the People Who Are Voting for Trump

My mom explained it best, as moms usually do.

“People are worried about basic needs,” she told me. “You can’t worry about anything else if you’re worried about having a job, food, transportation and a home.”

People back home in our rural town boycotted a particular clothing brand that sent its plant to Mexico, leaving workers without jobs. By the numbers, the U.S. economy seems to be at near full employment, but that’s only because enough people have given up looking for jobs to shrink the labor force. President Obama has lied to Americans when he’s promised to keep jobs in the country, instead giving millions in taxpayer dollars to foreign companies or U.S. companies that built factories in other countries. Sending jobs to China has cost Americans 3.2 million jobs in the past 15 years.

Donald Trump Is a Middle School Bully and He Wants Your Lunch Money

You, an American voter, are being conned.

Donald Trump has promised you jobs, a booming economy, security and American pride. He is lying to you. Trump has told you that he can stick it to the man, but the problem is that Trump is the man, someone who built an empire by taking his daddy’s money and then sticking it to the little guy.

Trump does not fight for you. Trump fights for Trump. Anything that gets damaged along the way—including you—doesn’t matter. Take a moment to google “Trump takes insurance from child” or “Trump kicks veterans off Fifth Avenue.” You’ll see it in about 2 seconds.

The Cruz-Rubio Decathlon

In the race to beat Donald Trump for the GOP nomination, the options are increasingly narrowing to a choice between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Fortunately for Trump, these factions in the GOP are at each other’s throats, becoming increasing furious with each other. 

The real problem is that Rubio and Cruz come in way too close in the actual voting results (within 1.1 percent in New Hampshire, within 0.2 percent in South Carolina) and we have no standard for determining which nominee should step aside to boost the other past Trump. Sure there are various arguments out there like “Cruz is the only one to beat Trump” and “Rubio’s numbers against Hillary are the best” but all these arguments feel too much like “Here’s an excuse I have that supports my preferred candidate” rather than evidence that would be applied objectively.