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The Best Thing We Could Give the World

By J.D. ECARMA It started with a journalist’s meddling, as far as I can tell. In an interview last month with USA Today, U.S. figure skater and Olympian Adam Rippon kicked off a feud with...

Godliness with Contentment Is Hard to Find in 2016

I’ve struggled more in this year to maintain contentment, joy and trust in God than I did when my entire life was up in the air. And I think it’s because I’ve fallen into the trap of putting my trust in earthly security and things that won’t ultimately make me happy.

Don’t Tell Me How to Grieve

The disdain for “thoughts and prayers” is a recent objection, and a particularly distressing one. It says, “You’re not grieving the right way. Stop being sad and be angry. You’re not angry enough. I’m better than you because I am angrier.”