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Roll Call: Who Drank the Trump Kool-Aid and Who’s Still Sane?

Here’s a roundup of prominent Republican figures and whether or not they have succumbed to Donald J. Trump in his reign of terror on the GOP as well as where they are on the gamut of Trump support. Roughly speaking, the spectrum ranges from Christie (full-on “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” crazy) to Ryan (sane reluctance to support Trump and enough principle left to denounce him as needed).

Et Tu, Ryan and Rubio?

Whether or not Rubio’s decision to support Trump is idealism or political opportunism is between him and his conscience. While I understand their reasoning and know that Ryan is an especially difficult position, it breaks my heart to see both Rubio and Ryan choose party over principle. I would have loved to see two politicians I admire hold the line.

The GOP Won the Spending War While No One Was Looking

In an election season defined by frustration with the government and elected officials, one of the most frequent questions I hear in opposition to Republican governance is this:

“We elected these Republicans into office, gave them both Congress and the Senate. And what have they done for us?”

At Least He’s Not Satan: The Best of #NeverTrump

What’s a conservative to do when the movement faces something as terrible as Trump?

Respond with principle and passion … and don’t lose your sense of humor. If nothing else, at least Donald J. Trump has inspired some unforgettable quotes from #NeverTrump conservatives. 

Here’s How a GOP Contested Convention Works, As Explained by Mean Girls

What makes 2016 different? Trump is ahead when it comes to delegate numbers. But he still isn’t close to a 1,237 delegate majority, which would mean enough GOP voters supported him for him to represent the party in November. No delegate majority = no nomination. Contested/open/brokered convention, here we come!

So what will a GOP contested convention look like? We thought “Mean Girls” could explain it best.

Half of Republican Women Say #NeverTrump. Maybe the Other Half Haven’t Seen This Video Yet.

Donald Trump won’t like these polls one bit.

The candidate who is presumably busy suing the U.S. political system has a disastrous showing in a new NBC/WSJ poll. Of the female Republican primary voters who were polled, about half (47 percent) said they could not see themselves supporting Trump. This #NeverTrump attitude had a definite gender gap: Among their male counterparts, 40 percent agreed that they did not imagine themselves voting for Trump.

Women tend to lean Democrat as a voting bloc, but data shows that Trump makes the problem much worse.

The ABCs of the Craziest Election of Our Lives

Brokered convention. More precisely called a contested convention, it’s what happens when no candidate earns a majority of delegates—Donald Trump’s greatest fear and the GOP’s only hope in 2016. We’ll likely be looking at a contested GOP convention in Cleveland this July if no one hits the magic number: 1,237.


Support Trump to Ensure My Generation Votes Democrat for the Rest of Their Lives

I never thought we would be arguing about whether or not we should support a potential leader who threatens the free press, praises a communist government for killing protesters and says an entire religious group should be banned from our country. I never thought I would be told to fall in line and support someone who questions the citizenship of non-white Americans, inspires white supremacists to endorse him and issue robo-calls to voters on his behalf, and generally fulfills the cartoonish and terrible stereotype that haunts the Republican party: the angry, belligerent, racist old white man yelling on his lawn at the world.