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No, the Catholic Church Isn’t About to Ordain Priestesses

In light of Pope Francis’ recent announcement of a commission to study whether the Catholic Church might start appointing female deacons — and someday female priests? — Paradox’s Jordan Ecarma and Zach Noble decided to have a chat about women in the clergy.

Would Donald Trump Be a Good Commander in Chief? Lol No.

Trump is, really, no better than Hillary Clinton.

Maybe he’s worse, but as usual with Trump, the biggest part of the danger is that he’s completely inconsistent so it’s hard to pin down where he stands or what he’d do.

Here’s what we do know.

Boot France and Italy Out of Kids’ Books

When it comes to teaching American kids history, a healthy dose of Eurocentrism is justified. Our country was founded by Europeans and is only just now making a demographic shift to become majority non-white. Much of US history is tied up with the European empires we rebelled, competed and fought against.

But Europe is not the whole world, and it’s getting less representative of the world every day.

This Is (GameCube) Water

I had hazy memories of oceanside towns like Newport News and Monterey, of lapping waves and soothing cyan as far as the eye could see. But by 2001 I was a resident of landlocked Memphis, Tenn. The heat and mosquitoes forced me indoors most of the time, where I discovered water all over again on the Nintendo GameCube.